Courtney + Ryan: Mooresville, AL: Wedding

You may recognize this beautiful pair from their engagement pictures I did a couple months ago. I was so very excited about this wedding, not only because I loved the couple and their family, but also because the venue (Lyla’s), the dress, and all small details were pretty inline with my style. Vintage. Country chic. Antique. Relaxed. Cozy. Did I mention my dream home would be right on Mooresville’s historic square? Love. It.

Recap: I know this lovely bride and groom because Courtney is my sister-in-law’s sister. I was so honored to shoot their wedding and share this day! They pretty much glow when they are around each other. That fact combined with their gorgeousness makes it impossible to take a bad picture. The day was overcast, then sunny, then rainy, then overcast again. No one stressed. We even started pictures late giving them much less time than most weddings to get their shots in, but somehow it all came together. Doesn’t it always?? Sometimes a tad bit of stress (on me, not the bride/groom) is a good challenge to overcome and forces you to get creative with time and location. It all turned out just lovely. Their reception was so much fun. I couldn’t tell whose family was whose the way they all partied together. They were all so kind to me also, which I am so grateful for. It’s easy to see their family cherished them… and knew how to have fun. Enjoy this glimpse into their perfect day…

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