Miss me much?

It has been a while. 2012 was a bit of a whirlwind but I am so thankful for all of the beautiful faces and lives I was able to document. It’s true, I’m a terrible website keeper-upper, so don’t expect weekly posts now that I’ve resurfaced. However, a few posts from last year that never made it to the world wide web are coming your way shortly. PS- My FB page is always more up-to-date.

2012’s craziness ended with some very exciting news! Around the holidays, right as we were closing on our first home, we found out I was pregnant! Little Baby C is due August 5th.


We held off telling the world for a while and I refused any shoots during the first trimester (sorry if I shunned you with out giving you a good reason). I will do my first and last wedding of the season in May for a dear friend of mine with Luke’s help. Pray that goes well as I’ll be in my third trimester! It has been strange not doing so much photography, but with renovating a house, turnover at work, and doctors’ appointments, I’ve been super busy. Believe me… when this baby comes I’ll be taking A LOT of photos in between snuggles, feedings, cleanings, feedings, cleanings, snuggles, feeding, and more cleanings. At least that’s what I’m told is involved with babies! Currently I’m feeling great and have a few sessions lined up I’m very excited about. Luke even built me a tent to use for a sister session I can’t wait to try out! This second trimester has been quite normal I’d say, all things considered, and we are so thankful for all your love and support as you’ve found out our little surprise! I am likely taking 2-3 months maternity leave, but after that I will take on as much photography as I can along with my full time job if I can still be a good momma. It will be trial and error but I’m fine with that. If you’d like to follow my personal blog through this journey of renovating a house, raising a new pet (did I mention we got a kitten?!), and creating a human send me a message and I’ll send you the link.

ImageHope you are all having a fabulous 2013 and God is richly blessing you.

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