Hey people!


I am a graphic designer turned photographer… or was it the other way around? I have loved photography since a very young age when I ran around with an old film camera and took pictures of plants or figured out self timer and took entirely too many photos of my brother and I making faces. Okay, maybe I was a weird child. All of that though, has morphed into an absolute love for finding the beauty in all things, especially people. Everyone has it and I love that I get the opportunity to find it and capture small pieces. Everyone has a story and I believe these memories need to be saved and cherished. That’s why I do what I do.




  • Random Facts:
  • I was the kid who loved her Fat Albert doll, maybe because we had the same bottom legs and shoes.
  • My nephews and niece set the moon– they’re kind of a big deal.
  • Peanut butter and chocolate makes any day better.
  • Trees are my favorite of God’s creations (after my family, hubs, and hot water of course).
  • It warms my heart to show people (via camera) how beautiful they are when they can’t see it.
  • I love old stuff– rusty, distressed, broken, weathered… anything that has a story.
  • On my bucket list: I will sew a legit quilt.
  • I dream of living in an old farm house surrounded by land and oak trees.
  • Mason Jars are slowly taking over my home.

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