Sweet Baby James in Malibu, CA!

Hello friends! I’m behind with blog posts, so get ready. They’re about to pile in.

Back in March/April (yes, I know I’m THAT behind) we took a trip to California to visit close friends and drive the Pacific Coast Highway from San Francisco to Malibu. It was a trip of a lifetime for us. I took over 1,000 pictures (no, really), and enjoyed every minute (if you don’t count those couple days where I blew out my knees again). I apparently inherited a love for parentheses also (see?!). I digress.

I am still in the middle of blogging about it over on our family/personal blog, and have already printed a massive deluxe album with all our favorite pictures along with written details. I’m a dork, obviously, and am considering going into book making. I love it so much.

Back to the point of this post! When we arrived in Malibu, part of my “thank you” to Tyler and Rebecca for allowing us to stay with them was a little photoshoot of James and they’re little family. We never see them because they are so far away, and we just wanted to give them a special gift. Here are just a few of my favorite moments. And, yes, James is as sweet and good natured as he looks and we loved spending some major time with all of them. Makes me want a little one even more!

Courtney + Ryan: Engagement [Mooresville, AL]

What a fun day Luke and I had with Courtney and Ryan last Saturday! I am slightly partial to this couple because Courtney is sister to my sweet sister-in-law. (I really lucked out with my in laws!) We got to know the lovely and sweet couple a little over wedding festivities last year and I was so honored that she asked me to shoot her engagement and May wedding! They are the kind of people who I swear could get along with anyone. The day was just way too easy! It didn’t help that they were ridiculously photogenic and we were shooting in historic Mooresville, Alabama. What you may not know is that it was freezing!! They were troopers and I am just in love with these little moments I captured. This may have been one of the more “romantic” feeling shoots I’ve done to date and I can’t wait for their wedding!

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Wedding Photography: Huntsville, AL. Nashville, TN. Asheville, NC. Florence, AL.

Here are a few of my favorite past wedding photos!

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Engagements & Couples [from the vault] Nashville, TN. Hazel Green, AL. Huntsville, AL. Franklin, TN.

Love love love… love.

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Children Photography

Here are some of my favorite past kiddos!

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Kim’s Bridal Portraits. Huntsville, AL [from the vault]

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Hazel Green, AL. Fayetteville, TN. Children & Family Portrait Photography

Here are some of my favorite photos from way back in the day when I had a different website. I’m sure I’ve improved since these pictures were taken, but they are still special to me and I love these kids!ImageImageImageImageImageImage ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage ImageImageImageImage

Welcome to the New Look!

Finally… I’ve switched website services. Mark it down, book mark it, write it on a sticky, or whatev. I don’t plan on moving again soon.

Good News= no more boring old look and slow upload. Bad News= some of my old work is no longer with us. On to the new! This site isn’t exactly to my liking yet… print design and photography are my thing, so I dread web. My apologies in advance for minimal posts. Be patient with me or find me on FB where I am much more active! Here’s a photo that makes me happy just to start my first post on the new and improved blog/site.

Happy New Year!