Roslyn. Nashville, TN: Baby Pictures

So, I have this beautiful cousin who lives a town over and I shamefully never see her or her sweet family. Thank goodness for photography! She asked me to do Roslyn’s pictures as well as a few family photos. Don’t you just love that name? I would steal it, but we are related. SO, we met up at one of my favorite walking spots in Nashville around 5:45, expecting it to be cooled off. Unfortunately poor little Roslyn had to suffer through blazing sun and heat, a huge spider + other bugs, and probably some allergies. She’s learning early on that beauty is pain! So I see these photos as a good testament to this sweet baby’s temperament considering all she had to deal with. Isn’t she just beautiful?! I’m hoping I somehow inherited even a smidgen of these same genes to pass on myself. Isaac, their three year old, is equally handsome with a personality all his own that I tried to capture! Thankfully my aunt and uncle (grandparents to Isaac and Roslyn) also tagged along and were a huge hit as well as Isaac’s entertainment. Laughter was abundant. It was so fun seeing them (and eating with them afterwards). I hope you enjoy these pictures of Robin, Adrien Isaac, and Roslyn as much as I do…ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

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