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I’ve had such a wonderful summer with the kiddos but it’s back to the grind now! Tea party minis are up on Facebook and I’m already planning a new, more gender neutral theme for the fall. I’m also more obviously pursuing freelance graphic design work again. I’ve done word-of-mouth freelance work since my last maternity leave/quitting my corporate job, but I think it’s time to actually carry a heavier load around here! So I painfully updated my design website… y’all know how I feel about web design but I’m warming up to it now that I discovered a new platform. Let me know if you need any design work along with your pictures! I hope you’ve had a great summer and I see some of your lovely faces this fall!

It’s happening SOON!

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Tea Party Mini’s

Just did a little test run this morning! Look for details on my facebook page. I’ll be nailing down dates soon. Treats, music, water (to serve as tea) and bug spray will be provided! I’ll have pretty dresses to choose from if you need it also. My little girls had so much fun and I am so excited to offer these this summer. Location: Hazel Green, AL. $150. 10 images with press release included.2017-06-22_tea-party.jpg

Back in the Swing

I’m just going to give up on updating my blog for the time being. Who reads blogs anyway, right?! Swing on over to my Facebook page to see what all I’ve been up to lately, like my page, and keep up with all the cute happy families I get to hang out with… because I know you are ALL on Facebook. 🙂

I’m SO excited about SPRING and more photo sessions starting back up after the cold. I currently only do full sessions, but if you are looking for a mini session I have one potential spot. This year I’m also offering “split” sessions and testing how that goes… where you find a family to join you and you split the session cost but time remains the same. As a reminder, I still include edited digital pictures with my session cost!

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Oh, hello again world!

I have birthed two babies and now have two toddlers, so excuse my lonnng absence from this blog. Priorities people! Now my little mini-me’s are a little less clingy and I’m ready to pick things back up on a more regular basis. I’ve actually continued to shoot, but it has been word of mouth/selective and when I wasn’t nursing around the clock. Meanwhile, I will start posting some of my faves from the past 2 years. (Whoa, that’s a long time!) If I get distracted with my babies again and fall off the blogger world, please remember you can follow my FB page that I keep more current. Look on the sidebar and click “Like.” Thank you lovely ladies and gents! Hope to see you soon.

Wishing love for you all!


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Miss me much?

It has been a while. 2012 was a bit of a whirlwind but I am so thankful for all of the beautiful faces and lives I was able to document. It’s true, I’m a terrible website keeper-upper, so don’t expect weekly posts now that I’ve resurfaced. However, a few posts from last year that never made it to the world wide web are coming your way shortly. PS- My FB page is always more up-to-date.

2012’s craziness ended with some very exciting news! Around the holidays, right as we were closing on our first home, we found out I was pregnant! Little Baby C is due August 5th.


We held off telling the world for a while and I refused any shoots during the first trimester (sorry if I shunned you with out giving you a good reason). I will do my first and last wedding of the season in May for a dear friend of mine with Luke’s help. Pray that goes well as I’ll be in my third trimester! It has been strange not doing so much photography, but with renovating a house, turnover at work, and doctors’ appointments, I’ve been super busy. Believe me… when this baby comes I’ll be taking A LOT of photos in between snuggles, feedings, cleanings, feedings, cleanings, snuggles, feeding, and more cleanings. At least that’s what I’m told is involved with babies! Currently I’m feeling great and have a few sessions lined up I’m very excited about. Luke even built me a tent to use for a sister session I can’t wait to try out! This second trimester has been quite normal I’d say, all things considered, and we are so thankful for all your love and support as you’ve found out our little surprise! I am likely taking 2-3 months maternity leave, but after that I will take on as much photography as I can along with my full time job if I can still be a good momma. It will be trial and error but I’m fine with that. If you’d like to follow my personal blog through this journey of renovating a house, raising a new pet (did I mention we got a kitten?!), and creating a human send me a message and I’ll send you the link.

ImageHope you are all having a fabulous 2013 and God is richly blessing you.

Team Phelps: Nashville Child and Family Photography

Way back in our newlywed Atlanta days, when I was really getting my feet wet, our friends, Melodye and Jeremy, requested and trusted me to do newborn pictures of their first baby, Abram. I was honored then and am even more honored today that after their recent move to Franklin they asked me to take family pictures in honor of Mother’s Day! Great gift Jeremy! They wanted some family, just Abram, and a few “engagement like” pictures. These need little explanation as you can just see the love and happiness this family so naturally shows each other. The photoshoot was near effortless thanks to perfect weather, happy Abram, beautiful people, and my husband who always tags along and is a genius with getting kids to laugh. Here are just a few of the many many favorites I had. They will probably make you smile and love life a little more, if you’re like me…

Introducing Latham! Harrisonburg, VA Photography

It took us 7 weeks to see our precious new nephew, but we finally made the trip in May to Harrisonburg, Virginia. Latham was the first grand-baby on the Copeland side and we were dying to see him! It was also our first time seeing their new house that was recently featured on House Hunters! I’m related to celebrities now… be jealous. We stayed for a long weekend and soaked it all in–Adam, Cathy, Anna, Luke, Latham and myself. Burgers, ice cream, cuddling with Latham, and lots of HGTV. I am partial, yes, but I think you may agree that he has the best newborn hair. Ever. In the world. In the universe. It’s that adorable.

Here are a few pictures from our weekend with them so you can soak up the cuteness also! We are in love with this little man.

His little feet and hands were dancing all the time. I see a black belt in his future.

Adam and Cathy are both professors at James Madison University, so we used their beautiful campus for pictures…

He wasn’t happy with me and this seemed to be his “happy place” position.Side note:  This was and is the only thing that would calm him down– carry him facedown with one hand under his chest. Luke got creative with his technique as you can see.
Can’t wait to see our beautiful family again soon! Thank you world wide web for letting me brag a little bit and show off the newest cutie pie.

Courtney + Ryan: Mooresville, AL: Wedding

You may recognize this beautiful pair from their engagement pictures I did a couple months ago. I was so very excited about this wedding, not only because I loved the couple and their family, but also because the venue (Lyla’s), the dress, and all small details were pretty inline with my style. Vintage. Country chic. Antique. Relaxed. Cozy. Did I mention my dream home would be right on Mooresville’s historic square? Love. It.

Recap: I know this lovely bride and groom because Courtney is my sister-in-law’s sister. I was so honored to shoot their wedding and share this day! They pretty much glow when they are around each other. That fact combined with their gorgeousness makes it impossible to take a bad picture. The day was overcast, then sunny, then rainy, then overcast again. No one stressed. We even started pictures late giving them much less time than most weddings to get their shots in, but somehow it all came together. Doesn’t it always?? Sometimes a tad bit of stress (on me, not the bride/groom) is a good challenge to overcome and forces you to get creative with time and location. It all turned out just lovely. Their reception was so much fun. I couldn’t tell whose family was whose the way they all partied together. They were all so kind to me also, which I am so grateful for. It’s easy to see their family cherished them… and knew how to have fun. Enjoy this glimpse into their perfect day…

Roslyn. Nashville, TN: Baby Pictures

So, I have this beautiful cousin who lives a town over and I shamefully never see her or her sweet family. Thank goodness for photography! She asked me to do Roslyn’s pictures as well as a few family photos. Don’t you just love that name? I would steal it, but we are related. SO, we met up at one of my favorite walking spots in Nashville around 5:45, expecting it to be cooled off. Unfortunately poor little Roslyn had to suffer through blazing sun and heat, a huge spider + other bugs, and probably some allergies. She’s learning early on that beauty is pain! So I see these photos as a good testament to this sweet baby’s temperament considering all she had to deal with. Isn’t she just beautiful?! I’m hoping I somehow inherited even a smidgen of these same genes to pass on myself. Isaac, their three year old, is equally handsome with a personality all his own that I tried to capture! Thankfully my aunt and uncle (grandparents to Isaac and Roslyn) also tagged along and were a huge hit as well as Isaac’s entertainment. Laughter was abundant. It was so fun seeing them (and eating with them afterwards). I hope you enjoy these pictures of Robin, Adrien Isaac, and Roslyn as much as I do…ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage