Introducing Latham! Harrisonburg, VA Photography

It took us 7 weeks to see our precious new nephew, but we finally made the trip in May to Harrisonburg, Virginia. Latham was the first grand-baby on the Copeland side and we were dying to see him! It was also our first time seeing their new house that was recently featured on House Hunters! I’m related to celebrities now… be jealous. We stayed for a long weekend and soaked it all in–Adam, Cathy, Anna, Luke, Latham and myself. Burgers, ice cream, cuddling with Latham, and lots of HGTV. I am partial, yes, but I think you may agree that he has the best newborn hair. Ever. In the world. In the universe. It’s that adorable.

Here are a few pictures from our weekend with them so you can soak up the cuteness also! We are in love with this little man.

His little feet and hands were dancing all the time. I see a black belt in his future.

Adam and Cathy are both professors at James Madison University, so we used their beautiful campus for pictures…

He wasn’t happy with me and this seemed to be his “happy place” position.Side note:  This was and is the only thing that would calm him down– carry him facedown with one hand under his chest. Luke got creative with his technique as you can see.
Can’t wait to see our beautiful family again soon! Thank you world wide web for letting me brag a little bit and show off the newest cutie pie.

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