Team Phelps: Nashville Child and Family Photography

Way back in our newlywed Atlanta days, when I was really getting my feet wet, our friends, Melodye and Jeremy, requested and trusted me to do newborn pictures of their first baby, Abram. I was honored then and am even more honored today that after their recent move to Franklin they asked me to take family pictures in honor of Mother’s Day! Great gift Jeremy! They wanted some family, just Abram, and a few “engagement like” pictures. These need little explanation as you can just see the love and happiness this family so naturally shows each other. The photoshoot was near effortless thanks to perfect weather, happy Abram, beautiful people, and my husband who always tags along and is a genius with getting kids to laugh. Here are just a few of the many many favorites I had. They will probably make you smile and love life a little more, if you’re like me…

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